Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tech Updates

The end of the school year has brought about much drama in my life. Of course, nothing too, too bad. In January I was fairly certain I had a position as a the Head Media Specialist at a new high school in my county. However, that did not pan out and I ended up being majorly bummed. Fast forward to the end of May. I have accepted a position in both my school as the new business tech teacher as well as with a private company writing articles for a new 7th edition of Teaching Computers for Teachers by Shelly, Kashman, Gunter & Gunter. I was also recently published in The Florida English Journal for an article that I wrote about a Cross Curricular Research Plan.  I never dreamed that it would actually make it past submission.Last week, I hooked up a wiimote in my classroom and now have an interactive wiimote whiteboard! You never know! I've definitely caught the bug for writing articles geared for making teachers lives much easier when working with technology. I guess technology is my new DRUG! :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Published for the First Time

This past week I was published for the first time for an article I had to write last fall on some type of innovative project that I have created or established. The article titled "Vacationing in Language Arts: A Cross-Curricular Research Project" was featured in the Florida English Journal. What can I say, I'm very excited to be able to add this to my resume! :)