Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking Ahead: While I was working on embedding, I also had some storytelling assignments to work on in one of my other classes that I'm taking. I discovered Animoto earlier this semester and it has to be one of the easiest online software programs that I have ever used! For this particular project, I had to tell a story about Me. For weeks I was stumped on how I was going to tackle this project. In the end, I created several versions. I wanted to be able to show my students that just because you finish something, doesn't mean that you are really finished. I want to try and embed my video on here, just to see if it works. What I am going to embed is an early version of my video and a final version. I created my video in Animoto and then downloaded that portion of the project into Movie Maker to complete the narration. Overall, I think it turned out better with the narration. I'm looking forward to the possibilities that this class and my other classes are providing me with. :)


W/O Narration

With Narration

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