Saturday, July 10, 2010

GreenWare the trend of the future!

Alright so here goes, as I was working on a creative project, I was curious about what the new trends are in reducing your carbon footprint. As I was googling the latest software trends, green sustainability, and eco-friendly products I ran across a software from Verdiem Corporation called Edison. Basically this software is a free download that is designed reduce your computer's overall electrical consumption by 30%! This is astronomical when you consider a building full of networked computers that are using the network version called Surveyor! Imagine the capabilities of GreenWare, software that has gone Green! I checked wikipedia to see if the phrase GreenWare had been coined and at one point in time, it had, however, that page has since been deleted due to the fact that the author thought that it was something that there was no indication of it becoming a notable concept! What? That's asinine. Indeed, Greenware is going to revolutionize the way we maintain our computers and reduce the overall energy consumption!

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